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Bianca (Eline Powell)

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Bianca is an actress who portrays Sansa Stark in The Bloody Hand, a comedic reenactment of the prelude of the Westerosi War of the Five Kings, performed by Izembaro's theatre troupe in Braavos. She is jealous of Lady Crane, who portrays the much larger role of Cersei Lannister (Sansa only has two lines). As a result of this obvious jealousy, Arya suspects Bianca is the one who hired the Faceless Men to kill Lady Crane, but Jaqen refuses to indulge a girl's speculation.

The next day, as the play finishes, Arya notices Bianca secretly mouthing Lady Crane's lines from backstage, confirming her suspicions. Though Arya poisons Lady Crane's rum, she stops her from drinking it and tells her to watch out for Bianca.

Days later, Lady Crane reveals to Arya that Bianca will have a hard time finding work as an actress considering what Lady Crane did to her face.

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"Careful of that one. She wants you dead." - Arya Stark


➲ Bianca

Bianca is an actress who plays the role of Sansa Stark in a production of "The Bloody Hand" in Sheelba Square. She paid the Faceless Men to take out her more talented co-star, Lady Crane. Bianca's murderous intentions were revealed by Arya Stark, who opted to save Lady Crane's life rather than complete the assignment. Bianca's acting career came to an end when a vengeful Lady Crane ruined her face.

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  • Izembaro's troupe