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➲ Biography

"My dreams are different." ―Bran

Bran Stark is a noble boy living with his family in Winterfell. He lost the use of his legs after being pushed out of a tower window. He relies on the servant Hodor to aid his mobility. He has had prophetic dreams.

Bran adopted the direwolf Summer and they have forged a strong connection. He is able to see through the direwolf's eyes while he sleeps, as Bran is a Warg: a person who possesses the magical ability to enter the minds of animals. Bran is also blessed with the magical power of greensight, which gives him prophetic visions in his dreams.

Bran Stark

Bran is the fourth child and second son of Lady Catelyn and Lord Eddard Stark. Eddard is the head of House Stark and Lord Paramount of the North. The North is one of the constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms and House Stark is one of the Great Houses of the realm. House Stark rule the region from their seat of Winterfell and Eddard also holds the title Lord of Winterfell. He is also the Warden of the North to King Robert Baratheon.

Bran was born and raised at Winterfell. He has an older brother Robb, and a younger brother Rickon. He has two older sisters, Sansa and Arya. He also has a bastard half-brother, Jon Snow. He is 10 years old at the start of the series. He was named for Eddard's elder brother, Brandon, who was slain by the Mad King. He is only called "Brandon" by his mother when he has done something wrong. He dreams of being a knight of the Kingsguard and one day becoming a bannerman for his brother, Robb. His favourite hobby is climbing the walls of Winterfell and using its old rooftops and passageways to get around.

➲ Season 1

Bran is being trained by his father, brothers and the castle's staff in leadership and combat. Bran is considered old enough to see some of the uglier side of life, and his father takes him to see a deserter from the Night's Watch being executed. The Starks find a litter of direwolf pups and Eddard reluctantly agrees to let his children adopt them because they are the symbol of their house. Bran still hasn't given his pup a name by the time that King Robert Baratheon's party arrives at Winterfell. Eddard agrees to act as the Hand of the King and to accompany Robert back to King's Landing.

Bran Stark 1

During Robert's visit Bran goes exploring. Whilst climbing a decrepit tower, he catches the king's wife, Queen Cersei, and her twin brother, Jaime, engaged in sexual intercourse. To keep his silence, Jaime pushes him out of the tower window. Bran survives the fall, but is left comatose. While he is unconscious an assassin attempts to kill him but his life is saved by his mother who struggles with the killer until the arrival of Bran's direwolf Summer who rips out the man's throat. Bran awakens with no memory of what happened some weeks later, at the same moment as his father is forced to kill Sansa's direwolf, Lady.

Bran Stark 2

Bran is told stories by elderly servant Old Nan, but he is tired of tales of heroic knights like Ser Duncan the Tall. Old Nan instead tells him about the White Walkers. He asks Robb if it is true he will never walk again and Robb says yes. Bran says that he would rather be dead, to Robb's distress. Bran begins to have a recurring dream in which a three-eyed raven flies into the crypts of Winterfell. He is awoken to meet with Tyrion Lannister, who has stopped at Winterfell on his way home. Out of his regard for Jon Snow, Tyrion has designed a special saddle that will allow Bran to ride despite his injuries. Bran takes a lesson on the sigils and mottos of the Great Houses from Maester Luwin, who is confident that Tyrion's saddle will work. Luwin also suggests that Bran could learn to use a shortbow from horseback, in the manner of the Dothraki. Bran bitterly refutes Luwin's assertion that his mother will return home soon.

Bran Stark 3

Bran tries out his new saddle on a ride in the godswood and is thrilled to find that it works. While riding is attacked by wildlings led by Stiv. Robb and Theon Greyjoy defend Bran, killing Stiv and the other wildlings apart from Osha, who surrenders. Robert dies after being injured while hunting. Eddard challenges the legitimacy of Robert's heir, Joffrey, with evidence of Cersei's infidelity and is arrested. Bran says farewell to Robb when he leads the Stark armies to war in response. He also tries unsuccessfully to reassure Rickon that Robb will return. He prays in the godswood for their safe return, and is joined by Osha (now a servant of Winterfell), who tells him that Robb's army is marching the wrong way and the true threat lies to the north, Beyond the Wall.

Bran tells Osha of his dreams featuring the Three-eyed raven as he rides on her shoulders, saying that he saw his father in the crypts. Osha is skeptical. Bran taunts her about her fear of the catacombs and eventually she agrees to take him down to the crypt. Bran recites the names of his deceased relatives as they pass them. They approach the place where Eddard was in Bran’s dream. There, they are startled by Shaggydog and Rickon. Rickon has also dreamt of their father in that spot. Osha and Bran go back to the surface and Osha attempts to soothe Bran’s worries about his father. As they exit the crypts, they cross paths with Maester Luwin who reveals that Eddard has been executed for treason.

➲ Season 2

Bran continues to experience strange dreams as he is tutored in ruling Winterfell by Maester Luwin. He dreams that he is Summer as the direwolf roams the Godswood and sees his reflection in the pond there. He has Osha accompany him out to look in the pond himself and is reassured that his waking reflection is his own. He again dreams that he is the wolf. This time Summer enters his bedchamber and he sees himself awakening through the wolf's eyes. He discusses the dream with Maester Luwin who reassures him that magic has been absent from the world for centuries. Bran dreams of the Three-eyed raven again and seeks advice from Osha. She questions him further and he reveals another dream about the sea flooding Winterfell and drowning Winterfell and its people, including Ser Rodrik Cassel. She does not offer any explanation. Ser Rodrik brings news that Torrhen's Square has been besieged and Bran orders him to take the remaining garrison to relieve the siege.

Bran is awoken by Theon Greyjoy, who tells him that he has seized Winterfell. Theon tells Bran that he should yield the castle to protect his people. Bran reluctantly complies with a public announcement. Rodrik is captured on his return from Torrhen's Square. He insults Theon, calling him a traitor to Eddard Stark, and spits at him. Theon is pressured to execute him by his men. Theon ignores Bran's pleas and carries out a botched execution. Osha tells Bran that his dream came true; the Iron Islands (represented as the sea in the dream) have come to Winterfell. Bran escapes with Osha's help. They are accompanied by his brother Rickon, their direwolves and Hodor.

Bran Stark 4

They flee as far as a nearby farm. Theon tracks them with hounds but loses their scent at the farm. He returns to Winterfell with two charred corpses, displaying them publicly and claiming that they are Bran and Rickon. The escapees actually doubled back, using a stream to mask their scent and are hiding under Theon's nose in the crypts of Winterfell. Bran overhears Luwin telling Osha that the bodies must be the farmhands.

They remain in hiding as Winterfell is besieged by an army of Northmen. The Ironborn flee and the Starks emerge from the crypts to find that their home has been sacked and abandoned. They find Luwin dying in the Godswood and he urges them to go north to find Jon Snow at Castle Black. Bran makes a tearful farewell to his mentor and they follow his last piece of counsel.

➲ Season 3

Bran is on the road to Castle Black , along with his brother Rickon, Osha, Hodor and the direwolves, Summer and Shaggydog, in order to seek shelter with his half-brother, Jon Snow. Bran continues to dream about chasing the Three-eyed Raven, but encounters in his dream a strange boy, who he later meets while awake. This is when he meets Jojen Reed and his sister, Meera. Jojen possesses the "the sight", the rare gift of seeing the past and present through his dreams, and is able to speak with Bran through their dreams. Jojen also saw the Three-eyed raven, who is apparently responsible for bringing the sight to them, and tells Bran he is a 'Warg', someone who can control the minds of animals. Osha is distrustful of the siblings.

Bran Stark 5

Bran Stark is having a shared greensight dream with Jojen Reed. They are walking through the woods and see the three-eyed raven again. Jojen advises Bran that he must follow the raven, and when he is confused, Jojen points out that he must follow it by climbing a tree. Bran begins to climb the tree that the raven has landed in but he soon becomes terrified, remembering the fall that crippled him when he was climbing a tower at Winterfell. He sees a vivid dream-memory of his mother Catelyn, repeating her warning in which she made him promise never to climb again - a promise which he broke, and thus indirectly led to the fall which crippled him. Bran is so terrified of the memory of Catelyn yelling at him that he falls off the tree. Bran and Jojen wake in their camp in the woods, disappointed that he could not follow the three-eyed raven.

Tensions rise at camp between Osha and Meera Reed before Bran diffuses the situation. Jojen Reed experiences a seizure while sleeping, and Meera explains they are caused by his visions. Jojen then tells Bran that in his vision he saw Jon Snow with the wildlings.

On their way to the Wall, Bran Stark's party makes camp. Osha remains distrustful of Meera and Jojen Reed and reacts with horror when they mention they intend to go beyond the Wall. Osha bluntly refuses to go, explaining that she lost her husband, who then rose from the dead and tried to kill her. She rages that none of them understand what lies beyond the Wall and that there is nothing left for men there. However, Bran agrees with Jojen, arguing that the raven has been waiting for him to find him since Bran fell from the tower.

After seeking shelter in a derelict windmill during a rainstorm, the group notices a band of Wildlings chasing down a Northman. The sounds of thunder terrify Hodor, who shouts out in panic. Fearing discovery, Jojen tells Bran to silence Hodor, who keeps panicking. Bran unintentionally uses his Warg powers to render Hodor unconscious. With the Wildlings still outside, Jojen convinces Bran to Warg through Summer and Shaggydog outside, who then maul to death some of the Wildlings. While in control of Summer and Shaggydog, Bran saw Jon Snow outside fighting the Wildlings. After this, Bran insists that he must go beyond the wall to find the raven. However, he wants Rickon to be safe, so he tells Osha to take his brother with her to the holdfast of Greatjon Umber, a loyal bannerman of the Starks. Bran bids a tearful Rickon farewell, who leaves with Osha and Shaggydog, while Bran continues northward with Hodor, Summer and the Reed siblings

At last, they make it to the wall and stay overnight in the Nightfort, an abandoned castle on the Wall that is rumored to be haunted. During the night, Jon Snow's fellow Night's Watch comrade Samwell Tarly, with Gilly and her child, emerge from a secret passageway. Samwell, noticing the gigantic Hodor and Summer, realizes who Bran is and offers to take them to Castle Black, but Jojen tells Sam that they are going beyond the Wall, as no force in the realm of Westeros could withstand the threat posed by the White Walkers. Sam reluctantly shows them the secret sally port and gives them the obsidian blades found North of the Wall, which he earlier used to slay a White Walker. That night, Bran, the Reeds, Hodor and Summer finally pass beyond the Wall.

➲ Season 4

Bran, Hodor, Jojen and Meera are north of the Wall and Bran is looking through Summer's eyes, now having the ability to look through him whenever he wants. They wake him up which angers Bran but they warn him that if he stays in the wolf too long, he will stay in him permanently and lose everything he has ever known. Summer finds a Heart tree and when Bran wargs with it and has a vision: another Heart tree on a hill, the Three-eyed raven, his father about to be executed, a flight of ravens, White walkers and wights, the Iron Throne sitting empty with snow falling around it, himself falling from the tower, a dragon flying over King's Landing, and finally the same tree on a hill again, all while a strange voice tells him to find him "beneath the tree, North." Bran then tells the others that he knows where they have to go.

Later, Bran and his companions are resting near Craster's Keep. They hear the faint sounds of a baby's cries. Bran enters the mind of Summer to investigate where he finds Ghost, the direwolf of Jon Snow. However, before he can free Ghost, Summer is caught by a trap. At Meera's urgings, they go to rescue Summer and Ghost but are taken prisoner by Karl. While Hodor is being tormented by Rast and the other mutineers for pure amusement, Karl threatens to kill Jojen and Meera before Bran gives up his identity.

Bran Stark 6

Bran and the others are being held imprisoned in a tent. Karl enters the tent and ties up Meera and prepares to rape and torture her. Jojen begs for mercy and offers to help them, saying he possesses the sight. Karl refuses and just before he cuts Meera, Jon Snow and members of the Night's Watch attack the keep. Locke, who really serves Roose Bolton, searches for Bran and finds him and attempts to escape the keep with Bran. However, Bran wargs into Hodor, who escapes his binds and catches up to Locke. He lifts Locke off the ground and breaks his neck. Bran can see Jon and tries to crawl over to him to get his attention. He is about to reach him when Jojen arrives and intervenes, telling him that Jon will not let him search for the Three-eyed raven if he goes with Jon back to Castle Black. Bran agrees and prepares to leave.

Bran Stark 7

Bran and his group eventually reach the giant weirwood tree on the hill, but are attacked by a group of wights. Jojen is fatally stabbed and Meera attempts to save him, but Jojen tells her to leave him for dead. They are helped by a Child of the Forest, who leads them into a cave after burning Jojen's body. She explains that the wights cannot enter, as the magic that reanimates them has no power there. She then leads them deep into the cave to the three-eyed raven, who is revealed to not be a bird but a very old man whose body is fused to the roots of the weirwood tree. Meera begins to tell him that Jojen has died and before she can finish the raven says that Jojen knew what would happen the moment he left, and went anyway. When Meera asks how he knows that, the raven says that he has been watching them for all of their lives with a thousand eyes and one. The raven tells Bran that the hour is late, and Bran replies that he did not want anyone to die for him. The raven states that Jojen died so that Bran could find what he lost. Bran asks if the raven will help him walk again. The raven answers that Bran will never walk again, but he will fly.

Bran Stark 8

➲ Season 6

Bran continues his training under the Three-eyed raven. He and the raven watch a vision of his late father Ned and his uncle Benjen Stark as young boys training in the grounds of Winterfell. Bran also witnesses his late auntie Lyanna Stark and Hodor. Through the vision, Bran learned that Hodor used to be a stable boy named Wylis before he became simple. While Bran longs to stay in the vision, he is pulled out by the Three-Eyed Raven, who warns him that he may become too enamored with the past to want to return to reality. Emerging from the cave, Bran encounters Meera Reed, who is still grieving over the loss of her brother Jojen Reed. Meera told Bran that she was having trouble coping with their apparent inaction to the coming war. In response, Bran reminded her that it is no longer safe anywhere outside.

Bran and Raven

In another vision, Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven view the events that unfolded at the Tower of Joy towards the end of Robert's Rebellion. Ned Stark rides to the Tower of Joy with five of his bannermen, one of them being Howland Reed, to find Lyanna Stark. The tower is guarded by two Kingsguard: Ser Arthur Dayne and Lord Commander Gerold Hightower. After the two refuse Ned's requests to learn his sister's fate, the eight men duel. While Gerold Hightower is killed early on, Arthur Dayne single-handedly defeats nearly all of Ned's retainers, and is about to kill Ned himself when Howland Reed unexpectedly stabs Arthur Dayne through the back of the neck, having been injured early on, but not killed. Bran is shocked that the stories he heard were not as honorable as the events that actually unfolded. As Ned runs into the tower to find Lyanna, Bran calls out to him. Ned stops to look around, but is confused because he cannot find the source of the voice. Before Bran can discover what is in the tower for himself, the Three-Eyed Raven brings both of them out of the past. While he acknowledges that the younger Ned had heard Bran, he also warns Bran not to interfere with the past.

The Raven and Bran

In a vision of the past Bran witnesses Children of the Forest create the first White Walker. Once out of the vision and shocked at the revelation, Bran asks Leaf why they did it, and Leaf confesses it was to prevent the First Men from destroying more of their sacred trees and the extinction of their people during war. Bran, without the consent of the Raven, connects to the weirwood with greensight, and sees an army of wights and whitewalkers. The Night King, who is present, intercepts his vision by touching him. The Three-Eyed Raven informs Bran that the Night King now has knowledge of their location and the cave's magic won’t prevent the white walkers or wights from entering due to the mark placed on Bran’s arm.

The Night King arrives with three other white walkers and an army of wights outside the cave, while Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven are in a vision of the past of his father’s departure from Winterfell to the Vale. Meera tries to awaken Bran, and wights dig into the cave and a whitewalker enters. Meera kills the whitewalker with a dragon glass tipped spear and several of The Children die fighting. The Three-Eyed Raven advises Bran to listen to Meera’s voice, pleading to warg into Hodor, which now echoes in their vision. Bran sees a young Wylis and wargs into him, resulting in Bran warging into present-day Hodor as well. Hodor, under Bran's control, assists them in their escape out the cave. Summer stays to defend them against the wights, and is stabbed to death. The Night King then enters the cave and kills The Three Eyed Raven, causing him to disintegrate in the vision with Bran. Leaf sacrifices herself to halt the wights advancing toward Meera, Bran, and Hodor. Hodor, still controlled by Bran, and creates their escape. Hodor, now himself, held the door to hold the wights from killing everyone, and was slowly being overwhelmed. Meera carries Bran’s unconscious body away into the Northern winter. Desperate and scared, she screams “Hold the Door”. Still in the vision of the past of Winterfell Bran sees young Wylis/Hodor collapse after his mind returns to his body. Young Wylis keeps screaming “hold the door” repeatedly and it slurs into “Hodor”: Bran’s possession of young Wylis in his vision of the past breaks young Wylis’s mind and he hears the echoes of Meera’s screams, which made his mind simple and only capable of repeating a form of the last words he heard before his death, "Hodor".

Bran and Meera

Meera drags Bran through the woods beyond the wall, while he is still caught in visions about past and future events. They are chased by wights and just when they are about to kill them, a hooded person arrives and is able to kill all the wights, using a flaming chain. He urges Bran and Meera to come with him. Later, when they make camp, they rescuer reveals himself, and to Bran's surprise, it is his presumed dead uncle, Benjen Stark. He explains that he was stabbed by a White Walker and left to die, but the Children of the Forest rescued and stopped him from becoming a Wight. He says that Bran must now be the new Three-eyed Raven, and that he shall be waiting for the White Walkers when they come to the realms of men.

➲ Season 7

Upon arriving at the Wall, Bran and Meera are greeted by the men of the Night's Watch, led by Acting Lord Commander Eddison Tollett. To Edd's surprise, Bran is already aware of his service in the Night's Watch and knowledge of the White Walkers, having witnessed everything from the Wierwood tree. Convinced of their identities, Edd and the Rangers escort Bran and Meera to Castle Black.

Bran then travels to Winterfell, and arrives after Jon Snow leaves for Dragonstone. He embraces his sister Sansa, who he hadn't seen since Sansa left for King's Landing. Sansa and Bran later talk by the weirwood tree in the godswood of Winterfell. Bran states his intent to talk to Jon when Sansa mentions him. Sansa initially believes Bran would be Lord of Winterfell, but Bran tells her that he is now the Three Eyed Raven, and that he must learn about current and past events. To convince her, Bran tells Sansa about her white wedding dress she wore when she married Ramsay Bolton, which takes Sansa by surprise.

Now with a wheelchair made by Maester Wolkan, Bran is met by Petyr Baelish and who gives him the valyrian steel dagger that was used to make an attempt on his life from the catspaw. Unimpressed and uninterested, Bran simply asks if he knows who had the dagger before the assassin, to which he responds that the question started the War of the Five Kings. Petyr then questions him on how he survived beyond the Wall, only to return to such chaos, to which Bran replies, "Chaos is a ladder", the very thing Petyr said to Varys during his rise in power after allowing Joffrey Baratheon to kill Ros. Petyr then exits upon the entrance of Meera, addressing Bran as "Lord Stark". However, Bran corrects him, saying that his profession as the three-eyed raven doesn't allow this.

Meera then announces that she is going back to Greywater Watch, to which Bran asks if she is leaving him, but understands that she must be with her family when the White Walkers come. All he has to say is "Thank you." Distressed that he can only thank her, despite the deaths of Jojen, Summer and Hodor have all been because of Bran's need for survival. However, Bran says that he is not "Bran Stark", and the generations of the three-eyed raven has flown into him, meaning he can experience everything. He then doesn't resist the fact that Meera thinks that the real Bran died in the cave of the three-eyed raven.

Having another vision in the Godswood, he is reunited with his long-lost sister, Arya Stark, who Bran informs that he thought that she was going to King's Landing to kill Cersei Lannister, who is on her kill list. With all three surviving children of Eddard and Catelyn Stark together, Bran gives Arya the dagger, explaining it is useless due to his crippled status. When she asks why such a lowborn, payed assassin would have a dagger made of valyrian steel, Bran monotonously says that someone of a much higher position of power must have hired him and given the dagger to him. The three siblings then stroll into the castle together.

Later, Bran wargs into a flock of ravens to do reconnaissance on the army of the dead, discovering they are dangerously close to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Unfortunately, the Night King spots him and promptly dispels the warged ravens. Once out of his trance, Bran orders Maester Wolkan to send out carrier ravens. One of these is sent to Jon, who learns of Bran and Arya's return to Winterfell.

Bran is later brought to join Sansa in what initially appears to be a trial for Arya but actually Petyr. Sansa accuses Petyr of murdering their aunt Lysa Arryn, orchestrating the Assassination of Jon Arryn, and conspiring with the Lannisters to betray their father, leading to the deaths of the entire Stark household in King's Landing as well as Ned's execution. At first, Petyr denies these accusations and points out that none of them actually saw him do any of these things. Bran reminds Petyr that he held a knife to his father's throat and repeats what he said to him then: "I did warn you not to trust me." Arya then shows Petyr the very same dagger that was meant to kill Bran and tells him that he lied to their parents about it belonging to Tyrion. Bran watches as his mother's former childhood friend and suitor crumples to the floor and begs for his life before Arya slits his throat with his own dagger.

Through his flock of ravens at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, Bran watches the Night King knock down a portion of the wall using the undead Viserion, allowing his army to march south.


Game of ThronesBran Stark

"I'm the Three-Eyed Raven now. I have to be ready."

Bran Stark

➲ Bran Stark

Crippled after Jaime Lannister pushed him from a tower, Bran Stark escaped the sack of Winterfell with his brother Rickon, Hodor and Osha. He headed north with Hodor, Jojen Reed and Meera Reed to fulfill the visions that he shared with Jojen. Jojen did not survive the journey, but Bran located the Three-Eyed raven, who took him under his wing. Bran's residency was cut short when he was touched by the leader of the White Walkers during a vision, thus negating the cave's magical protection. The Army of the Dead came for Bran, who narrowly escaped with Meera Reed. With assistance from his uncle Benjen, he and Meera Traveled to the Wall. Bran is now becoming the Three-Eyed Raven.

➲ House Stark

Stark Flag

➲ Personality

Before the incident of his fall, Bran was an extremely curious and adventurous boy. He was noted by his mother, and by his brother Robb, to have done a great amount of climbing around the walls of Winterfell and having never fallen, showing a considerable amount of bravery on his part. His curiosity was majorly what led to his fall in the first place, since he was drawn into the encounter between Jaime and Cersei out of sheer curiosity as to what was happening. After his fall, Bran turned towards melancholy, citing that he would rather be dead than be unable to walk, distressing Robb upon hearing Bran say so. This factor is to be expected, because Bran had a previously extremely adventurous nature and couldn't bear to be unable to continue that way. However, Bran became happier once Tyrion gave him the designs for a special saddle, since he also loved riding as much as he did climbing. Bran had it in him to be a good lord in his own right, as proven by his brief tenure as acting Lord of Winterfell when Robb left to fight Tywin Lannister.
After Theon Greyjoy betrayed his house and seized Winterfell, Bran's innocence proved to be a disadvantage for him, since Theon coerced him into surrendering Winterfell under the promise that nobody would be harmed. Bran proved unable to predict that Theon, under excruciating pressure from his bad reputation among the ironborn, would break his word the moment somebody openly defied him. Bran was a compassionate young man, still, and pleaded tearfully when Theon ordered for Ser Rodrik Cassel to be executed. Upon meeting Jojen Reed, however, Bran proved capable of accepting the powers that he possessed, showing an open mind on his part, even if such a thing set him apart from companions like Osha. He became almost unbreakably determined to meet the Three-Eyed Raven that kept coming to him in his dreams, even if it meant separating from his brother Rickon and, later on, from Jon Snow (who would have protected him at Castle Black). When Bran finally reached the Three-Eyed Raven, one of the first things he pressed the Three-Eyed Raven about is whether or not Bran could walk again, and is briefly disappointed when told that he will never walk again.
After growing up under the tutelage of the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran maintains his curious nature, especially when he and the Raven visit Winterfell; his curiosity piques when he sees his long-dead aunt Lyanna. Bran is disappointed by the prospect of returning to the real world. Later on, Bran expresses confusion when witnessing the duel at the Tower of Joy, especially when his young father started losing the duel - this confusion turned to horror when he realised that Arthur Dayne lost because Howland Reed blindsided him, having been told all his life that Ned ultimately killed the man in an honourable duel. This horror resurfaced when he realised that the Children of the Forest were responsible for the creation of the White Walkers, only to be silenced when Leaf cited the havoc caused by men to be the main reason for this course of action. He also shows incredulity at what his own powers can accomplish, as shown when he realises how he is responsible for breaking Hodor's mind in the first place.
Upon returning from Beyond the Wall, Bran's personality has changed significantly, as a result of the expansion his powers have taken since the battle at the Cave of the Three-Eyed Raven. He has become extremely calm to a fault, to the point of being almost detached from everyone else around him. Having become the new Three-Eyed Raven, Bran has been given access to many more events, which he explains several times, so much that Bran becomes aware of almost anything, for example the wedding between his sister Sansa and Ramsay Bolton, and even the conversation between Littlefinger and Varys. Bran has become almost wiser than he was before, ultimately not accepting the Valyrian steel dagger that Littlefinger gives him, citing that it would be useless for a cripple, but at the same time obviously not trusting the gifts that the man gives him.

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