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Dim Dalba (Murray McArthur)

➲ Biography

He is a wildling elder who resided at Hardhome before being saved by Jon Snow and taken south of the Wall.

Dim Dalba is an elderly warrior and raider and one of the prominent leaders in the Free Folk army gathered by Mance Rayder. Following the defeat of the wildling army in the Battle of Castle Black, he leads his followers to the relative safety of Hardhome.

➲ Season 5

Dalba attends the meeting where Jon Snow explains why he has arrived at Hardhome to recruit the wildlings. Dalba observes the dragonglass, and announces he is with Tormund and will travel to Castle Black

➲ Season 6

Dim Dalba acts as an elder for the free folk. Dim Dalba and Tormund debate whether the free folk should fight with Jon Snow against House Bolton. Dim Dalba is against it, but he ultimately follows Wun Wun in supporting Jon Snow. It is currently unknown if he survived the Second Battle of Winterfell.

Game of ThronesDim Dalba

Dim Dalba

➲ Dim Dalba

A wildling chieftain who survived the massacre at Hardhome, Dim Dalba reluctantly agreed to join Jon Snow's battle against Ramsay Bolton.

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