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Season VI57: The Broken Man

In the Riverlands, Revealed to have survived his wounds from his battle with Brienne, Sandor Clegane lives with a band of villagers. Brother Ray, their leader, is a septon. He talks with Sandor, and recounts how he had saved Sandor's life after having mistaken him for a corpse. When Ray mentions Justice, Sandor remarks that if there was justice in the world, he should have been punished. Ray responds that perhaps he has been punished already. He tells Sandor that "Violence is a disease—you don’t cure it by spreading it to more people." Sandor replies that you don't cure it by dying either.

Little Waiting Time...

At a gathering, a trio of men from the Brotherhood Without Banners arrives and attempts to extort the group, but upon finding out that the group has no worthwhile possessions, they leave. Sandor warns the septon that the Brotherhood will return. Later, while he goes out to the forest to chop wood, he returns to find all of the villagers murdered and the septon hanged. Angered, Sandor picks up an axe and heads off.

In King's Landing, Queen Margaery is studying the Seven-Pointed Star at the Sept when the High Sparrow enters and they discuss the passage she's been reading, which is about the Mother's love and mercy. Margaery notes that in the past she pretended to love the poor when in fact she only really pitied them. The High Sparrow asks her why she hasn't joined King Tommen in the marriage bed, and Margaery explains that the desires that once drove her no longer do so. The High Sparrow assures her that desire is not necessary. She has a duty to produce an heir. The High Sparrow then makes a thinly veiled threat against Margaery's grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, stating that while she is a remarkable woman, she is also an unrepentant sinner.

After Margaery returns to the Red Keep, Olenna meets with her under the supervision of Septa Unella. Olenna insults the septa until Margaery comes to Unella's defense. Olenna pulls Margaery into another room in an attempt to gain some privacy, but Unella simply follows them. Olenna threatens to have her guards come in, but Margaery again defends the septa. She states that Unella has been a true friend and teacher, to which Olenna asks with some horror what the Sparrows have done to her. Margaery replies that the gods could have punished Olenna and her allies for marching on the Great Sept, but instead they showed mercy. Olenna retorts that they marched on the Sept for Margaery and Loras' sake, and that Loras is still in prison. She then tries to convince Margaery to leave King's Landing and return to Highgarden. However, Margaery refuses, stating that her duty requires her to be at King Tommen's side.

Margaery instead pleads for Olenna to return to Highgarden instead. As she emphatically tells her grandmother to return home, Margaery secretly slips a piece of paper into Olenna's hand. In doing so, she seems to have successfully communicated to Olenna that she doesn't quite mean what she's been saying in front of Septa Unella, and Olenna's expression changes, realizing this. She plays along and agrees to acquiesce, then walks away.

As soon as she is clear of them, Olenna privately unfolds the piece of paper and finds that there is a rose drawn on it. She seems cheered by the silent message, as the use of the Tyrell sigil indicates that Margaery is merely tricking the Sparrows and that her true loyalty is still to House Tyrell. She also seems to understand that Margaery is urging her to leave for her own safety.

Cersei later confronts Olenna about her plans to leave, telling her to remain for the sake of Margaery and Loras, who is still imprisoned. Olenna retorts that the reason all of this is happening is because of Cersei, as she was the one who allowed the Faith Militant to reform and allowed them to arrest Loras and Margaery. Cersei admits that she made a mistake with the Sparrows, but insists that an alliance between the Lannisters and Tyrells is more important now than it ever was. Olenna refuses her, noting that Cersei has neither influence nor support anymore and is surrounded by enemies. She tells Cersei that she (Olenna) will be leaving the city as soon as possible, and that Cersei's utter defeat is her only consolation.

In the North, Jon, Sansa, and Davos Seaworth begin searching for allies to retake Winterfell from Ramsay. First, with the help of Tormund and Wun Wun, they secure the allegiance of the Wildlings and their elders led by Dim Dalba, who are still indebted to Jon for saving them at Hardhome and are aware that Ramsay and his allies will wipe them out if they do nothing. When the meeting disperses, Jon asks Tormund if he's sure that the Free Folk will join him, and Tormund responds: We’re not clever like you southerners. When we say we'll do something, we do it. Prior to traveling to Bear Island, Davos shows Jon and Sansa the letter sent by Lyanna Mormont rejecting Stannis Baratheon's plea for help.

Jon, Sansa, and Davos travel to Bear Island, where they meet with Lyanna, the ten-year old head of House Mormont. Sansa and Jon try to flatter her with small talk about her mother Maege and uncle Jeor Mormont. However, Lyanna is unimpressed and aggressively brushes them off, demanding to know their business in Bear Island. Lyanna initially rejects their request for help and stresses that House Stark is dead and that she needs her forces to garrison Bear Island. She also remarks that Jon and Sansa cannot be considered Starks since the former is a bastard and the latter has been married twice into enemy houses. Lyanna is initially unconcerned about the threat of Ramsay. Before Lyanna can dismiss them, Davos intervenes. After briefly discussing his background, Davos manages to convince the young Lady Mormont by warning her about the dangers the White Walkers pose to the living. She agrees to contribute 62 men, which is all she can manage, and promises that they each fight as well as ten men.

Later, Jon and Sansa travel to Deepwood Motte to secure the allegiance of House Glover. They receive a frosty reception from Robett Glover, who points out that the late King Robb failed to protect his home from the Ironborn. Despite being one of the Starks' most loyal bannermen, Robb did not come to his aid when the Ironborn invaded Deepwood Motte, imprisoned his wife and children, and brutalized his subjects (unaware that this was Robb's intention, but he was persuaded otherwise by Roose Bolton). When Sansa tries to highlight the fact that the Glovers had pledged fealty to House Stark, Robett responds that he received them out of respect for their father Eddard Stark but warns them that they have outstayed their welcome.

In the end, Jon and Sansa are only able to recruit a small number of minor houses, only adding a few hundred extra soldiers to their army. Lady Lyanna and her men are seen among the Stark and Wildling forces. Davos deals with a brawl among the Wildlings. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Jon is adamant that they attack Winterfell as soon as possible before Ramsay rallies more forces and before the weather turns on them. Sansa disagrees, instead opting to try and recruit more houses. When Jon refuses to change his mind, Sansa begins writing a letter to be sent by raven to Petyr Baelish, taking him up on the offer for troops she previously rejected.

At Riverrun, Jaime and Bronn lead the Lannister army to the gates of Riverrun, where the Freys attempt to coerce the Blackfish into surrendering the castle by threatening to execute Edmure Tully. The Blackfish calls their bluff and refuses to surrender. Disgusted with the Freys' incompetence, Jaime takes charge of the siege and attempts to parley with the Blackfish, warning him that the Lannisters will show no mercy to the Tullys, but if he surrenders, the lives of his men will be spared. The Blackfish rejects the offer and warns Jaime that he has two years worth of food in his stronghold, and that while hundreds of his own men may die defending, thousands of Lannister troops will perish as well.

In Volantis, Theon and Yara take the Iron Fleet to Volantis to hide and rest. Inside a brothel, Theon sits despondently as Yara and the others carouse with naked and semi-naked prostitutes. Yara repeatedly tells Theon to drink some ale and he repeatedly refuses.

Yara is persuading Theon to regain his former identity and self confidence, as she will need his assistance in retaking the Iron Islands from their uncle Euron. When pressed, he says that if justice were served, he would be burnt for his crimes, so she responds, “Fuck justice then. Do it for revenge.” Eventually she convinces him to put his guilt aside and help her because she needs him. He drinks some ale and begins to gain some composure.

She then reveals to Theon that she plans to take the Iron Fleet to Meereen and forge an alliance with Daenerys before Euron does. After the conversation, she goes to have sex with a female prostitute.

In Braavos, although we last saw Arya hiding in the dark with Needle in her hand, the scene opens with Arya walking openly through Braavos without Needle, with her hands behind her back. She approaches two Westerosi traders drinking at an outdoor table and negotiates passage to Westeros at dawn, through the use of large bags of money she shows them.

In Braavos, although we last saw Arya hiding in the dark with Needle in her hand, the scene opens with Arya walking openly through Braavos without Needle, with her hands behind her back. She approaches two Westerosi traders drinking at an outdoor table and negotiates passage to Westeros at dawn, through the use of large bags of money she shows them.

We next see Arya admiring a view of the Titan of Braavos when an old woman approaches her and reveals herself to be the Waif, who repeatedly stabs her in the gut, twisting the knife as she stabs. Arya escapes by leaping over the handrail and into the River. She is left stumbling through the streets of Braavos, leaving a trail of blood droplets and visibly afraid.

Season VI57: The Broken Man

➲ Storyline

The Hound was saved by Brother Ray, the leader of a community, and has a peaceful life working as woodman. When three men from the Brotherhood threaten the villagers, The Hound is worried about but Brother Ray does not believe in violence anymore. Margaery seems to be converted by the High-Sparrow, but when she learns that her grandmother Oleanna Tyrrell is in danger, she contacts her to convince Oleanna to leave King's Landing. Jon. Sansa and Davos are searching for allies to vanquish Ramsay and retake Winterfell. Jaime and Bronn arrive at the Blackfish Castle and Jaime tries to convince him to surrender to the siege to his castle. Theon and Yara are resting in a brothel and waiting for uncle Euron's attack. Arya makes arrangements to return to Westeros but she is stabbed by the Waif.

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LENA HEADEY ( Cersei Lannister )
NATALIE DORMER ( Margaery Tyrell )
LIAM CUNNINGHAM ( Davos Seaworth )

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