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Mance Rayder

Mance Rayder

Once a brother of the Night's Watch, Mance abandoned his vows to join the wildlings, who would go on to name him King Beyond the Wall. Unassuming in appearance, he brought together the unruly tribes of the North and is leading his army south towards the Wall.

Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane

A legendary wildling leader who supports Mance Rayder, Tormund is also known as "Giantsbane." He is a fair and formidable warrior.


Rattleshirt Wildling

A fighter for Mance Rayder, Rattleshirt is a wildling named for his armor of animal, human and giant bones.


Orell Wildling

A wildling scout and warg, Orell traveled with an eagle. He was always suspicious of Jon Snow's loyalties to the wildlings, and was eventually proven right. Jon killed Orell, but not before the scout warged into his eagle.


Ygritte Lover

A wildling woman whom Jon Snow encountered in his travels beyond the Wall, Ygritte is fiercely proud of her free status. Her opinions clouded Jon's stance about the Night's Watch, and after Jon infiltrated the wildlings, the two fell in love. Despite this, Jon left her to return to Castle Black, breaking a promise he made to put their love above all else.


Styr Wildling

Leader of the Thenn wildlings, Styr is a fierce warrior with a hunger for human flesh.


Craster Wildling

As the wildling who lived nearest to Castle Black, Craster hosted the men of the Night's Watch in exchange for wine and tools. An ungenerous host who made his daughters his wives, Craster was only tolerated by Lord Commander Mormont out of necessity. He and the Lord Commander died in an uprising led by a mutinous band of Night's Watch brothers.


Gilly Lover

One of Craster's daughters who bore him a son, Gilly escaped the mutiny at Craster's Keep with her newborn and Samwell Tarly. After a brief stay at Castle Black, Sam made arrangements for Gilly and her son to live in Mole's Town.

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Free Folk

    Free Folk

    Throughout their shared history, the people on each side of the Wall have hated and fought each other. Those who live to its south call the people on the northern side, "wildlings" and consider them unruly savages. The people who live on the northern side call themselves “the Free Folk” because they refuse to kneel to hereditary rulers or follow dainty southern laws. Aware that a greater threat was brewing in the north, Jon Snow tried to bring the forces together in an alliance that cost him his life. After Jon’s resurrection, the wildlings joined his fight to take back Winterfell, and are committed to fighting the Army of the Dead.