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Loboda (Zahary Baharov)

➲ Biography

Loboda is an elder of the Thenn, a fierce tribe of Free Folk.

Loboda is a fierce and highly skilled warrior, and just like Styr he also fights wielding a huge axe. Loboda seems to show little sign of fear even when he is confronted by a White Walker, and without hesitation engages the Walker in single combat.

➲ Season 5

When Lord Commander Jon Snow and Tormund arrive at Hardhome to offer the Free Folk to retreat to Castle Black and settle south of the Wall, a meeting of the clan chieftains is held, where Loboda represents the Thenns. Loboda doesn't believe the Night's Watch cares about what happens to them, despite the Lord Commander's appeals and his offer of dragonglass as a weapon against the White Walkers, which Loboda dismisses as just as unlikely as the mythical "ice spiders as big as hounds". Karsi replies that with everything they have seen none of this is unbelievable. Jon argues Mance Rayder would have supported his suggestion, so Loboda asks what happened to him. When Snow admits he killed him, Loboda prepares to kill him, only to be stopped by Tormund, who reveals it was a mercy kill. Karsi decides to side with the Lord Commander's plan as long as Tormund vouches for him, but Loboda remains stubborn, claiming that all the Free Folk who get on the Crows' boats will be executed, as they have always been enemies and his ancestors would spit on him if he broke bread with a crow. Loboda abandons the hall, and he is followed by many other chieftains, to the dismay of Jon, Tormund, and Karsi, who exclaims she "fucking hate[s] Thenns."

While the wildlings who accept Jon's request to return with him are rowed to the boats, an avalanche engulfs thousands of wildlings on the other side of the settlement and a white fog consumes the area, so Loboda quickly orders the gates to be shut, leaving many of the Wildlings to their death by the White Walker army.

Loboda defends the gate while killing several wights. However the massive army of the dead floods the position and breaches some parts of the palisades and scales the defenses. After seeing the White Walkers overseeing battle on one of the peaks. Loboda escorts Jon to retrieve the dragon glass inside the burning hut, and when a White Walker appears, he tells Jon to find the dragon glass while he fights the Walker. After failing to strike down the White Walker twice, Loboda is quickly disarmed when his axe is shattered by the Walker's icy spear. The Walker then impales Loboda through the gut killing him instantly. He is likely among the dead resurrected by the Night's King just as Jon Snow, Eddison Tollett, Tormund, Wun Wun and a few other men manage to escape to the boats. Though it's possible his body was burned inside the flaming hut.


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"My ancestors would spit on me if i broke bread with a crow."


➲ Loboda

Loboda was a Thenn elder who rejected Jon Snow's proposition of coexistence between the Watch and wildlings. He was killed by a White Walker during the ambush at Hardhome.

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