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Lommy (Eros Vlahos)

➲ Biography

"If they come back, I say we yield. Gendry's the one they want. Don't want to get caught in the middle of a battle."

Lommy is killed by Polliver while traveling north on the Kingsroad as a recruit in the Night's Watch.

Lommy is an orphan living in King's Landing. He was formerly apprenticed to a dyer before being arrested for thieving.

➲ Season 1

Hot Pie and Lommy Greenhands bully Arya Stark when she joins their group. They demand she give up her sword, Needle. Hot Pie claims that he killed a boy once by kicking him to death, Lommy is quick to back him up. Arya refuses and threatens to kill Hot Pie. Both boys flee after being confronted by Gendry.

➲ Season 2

Lommy Greenhands is traveling north on the Kingsroad with Yoren’s recruits. Gold Cloaks from King's Landing come upon them looking for Gendry. Yoren intimidates them into leaving but they promise to return with more men. Later, Lommy says that they should yield if the gold cloaks return, not wanting to be caught in a battle. Hot Pie claims that he is unafraid of battle and Arya questions his courage. Hot Pie claims to have seen lots of battles, Lommy refutes the assertion, as does Arya, and Hot Pie wonders what a dyer's apprentice would know about battle. As Gendry returns to refill the pail, Arya tells Hot Pie that Gendry is an armorer's apprentice. She instructs Hot Pie to relay his definition of a battle to Gendry. Hot Pie does so, and Gendry asks who told Hot Pie that. Hot Pie claims that he heard it from a knight. Gendry asks how Hot Pie knew he was a knight and Hot Pie again cites armor as deciding the issue. Gendry explains that anyone can buy armor. Hot Pie asks how Gendry knows and Gendry reminds him that he sold armor.

The group is sleeping in a barn when they are roused to arms by Yoren and told they are being attacked. Lommy grabs Gendry's bull's head helmet and runs outside. The group is attacked by Lannister guardsmen, and Lommy's leg is wounded by a bolt from a crossbow. He points out to Polliver that he cannot walk and someone must carry him; the Lannister man-at-arms offers his hand to Lommy and pulls him into the point of Needle, which he had taken from Arya Stark, driving the sword into the boy's throat. When Ser Amory Lorch demands the survivors point out Gendry, Arya tells him that Lommy was Gendry and the bull's head helmet lying next to his lifeless body is proof.

➲ Season 4

Arya meets Polliver again, about two years later. Keen to have revenge for what the Lannister soldier did to Lommy, she crippled him and while reciting the exact words Polliver said to Lommy before killing him, she stabbed him through the neck with Needle and Lommy was avenged.


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➲ Lommy

A nihjt's Watch recruit from King's landing who was traveling north with Arya Stark, Lommy was injured and then killed by the Lannister soldier Polliver when their caravan was stopped. Arya told the king's men that the dead boy was Gendry, aware the soldiers were looking for him.

➲ Origin