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Old Nan (Margaret John)

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"I know a story about a crow" ― Old Nan

Old Nan is an elderly servant at Winterfell, known for her storytelling.

Old Nan is an elderly woman living in Winterfell. She is a retired servant of House Stark known for her tale-telling abilities. She has entertained the children of Eddard and Catelyn with stories throughout their childhoods. Her great grandson Hodor is a stable hand at the castle.

➲ Season 1

Old Nan sits by Bran’s bedside to watch him after his mother leaves for King’s Landing. She suggests the story of Duncan the Tall and Bran replies that he hates her stories but prefers the scary ones. She tells him about the Long Night and the winter that lasted a generation, when the white walkers ventured south. Theon Greyjoy interrupts another story and says that he would go mad if he was left alone with Old Nan.


Game of ThronesOld Nan

Old Nan

➲ Old Nan

Nan served as nurse to a now-deceased generation of Starks and told the children stories about the world beyond the Wall.

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