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Qhono (Staz Nair)

➲ Biography

He is a Dothraki warrior.

➲ Season 6

Qhono is among the Dothraki horde escorting a captive Daenerys Targaryen along with Akho, leading her to their master Khal Moro. Along the way, the two Dothraki taunt and mock their prisoner. Later, he is present along with two bloodriders plus Moro's wives as the Khal contemplates raping Daenerys prior to her revealing her true identity as Khal Drogo's widow.

After the khalasar's arrival in Vaes Dothrak, he personally escorts Daenerys to the Dosh khaleen.

During the Khalar vezhven determining their charge's fate, Qhono was in the city during the talks when the temple was set ablaze by Daenerys, killing his khal plus nine others in addition to the other bloodriders. He watched on in horror as the wood-and-thatch building burned to the ground, knowing he couldn't do anything about it. After he saw Daenerys emerge completely unscathed, Qhono joined the rest of Vaes Dothrak's denizens in bowing down to their new Khaleesi.


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➲ Qhono

A Dothraki Screamer, Qhono escorted Daenerys to Vaes Dothrak as a captive. After Dany emerged unscathed from the fire that consumed the Dothraki leadership, Qhono joined her cause.

➲ Origin

  • The Dothraki Sea

➲ Allegiance