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Razdal Mo Eraz (George Georgiou)

➲ Biography

"If blood is your desire... blood shall flow" ― Razdal mo Eraz

Razdal mo Eraz is a wealthy Yunkish slaver. He is fluent in the Common Tongue of Westeros.

Unlike Kraznys mo Nakloz of Astapor, Razdal is not a braggart, but shrewd and politically savvy. A reserved, calculating man, he is capable of being polite when it is politically expedient. While he is still capable of making threats, they are subdued, part of calculated negotiation tactics instead of emotional outbursts.

Like many of the Wise Masters, he prides himself on Yunkai's descent from the old Ghiscari Empire, which was already old and mighty when the Valyrian Freehold was young.

➲ Season 3

Razdal mo Eraz is sent by the Wise Masters to negotiate with Daenerys Targaryen when she sets camp outside of Yunkai and sends word demanding the surrender of the city. He arrives atop a palanquin carried by several slaves. After being announced, he comes to close to Daenerys but is intimidated away by her dragons. Razdal offers Daenerys gifts of gold and ships so that Yunkai will be left in peace. Daenerys offers Razdal his own life if he goes back to the Wise Masters and ensures that all slaves are released and given payment for their years of service or else she will lay waste to Yunkai.

Dumbfounded at her boldness, Razdal stands defiant and retorts that Yunkai has powerful allies and that after the coming battle the Yunkai'i will enslave the survivors, even Daenerys herself, prompting Drogon to furiously hiss at him. He reminds Daenerys that he was offered safety but she retorts that her dragons react poorly to their "Mother" being threatened. Razdal orders his slaves to take back the gold, but the enraged Drogon stands in their way. Daenerys then sends him away and keeps the gold, as Razdal returns to his palanquin, muttering curses.


Game of ThronesRazdal Mo Eraz

Razdal Mo Eraz

➲ Razdal Mo Eraz

Razdal was a slaver envoy from Yunkai who tried to bride Daenerys with gold and riches to not sack the city. Daenerys agreed to leave Yunkai in peace if all its slaves were freed, an offer Razdal angrily refused. Daenerys kept his gifts regardless. With Tyrion Lannister in charge during Dany's absence, Razdal agreed to Tyrion's proposal to reinstate slavery outside of Meereen for seven years in exchange for cutting off support to the Sons of the Harpy. Razdal violated the agreement's terms when he attacked Meereen and was killed for his treachery when Dany retook the city.

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➲ Origin

  • Yunkai

➲ Allegiance

  • Wise Masters

  • House of Eraz