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Talla Tarly (Rebecca Benson)

➲ Biography

Talla is Samwell Tarly's sister, and daughter of Lord Randyll Tarly of Horn Hill.

Talla was born at Horn Hill to Randyll and Melessa Tarly. She is the sister of Samwell and Dickon Tarly.

➲ Season 5

Talla's brother Samwell Tarly is en route to the Citadel to study about the White Walkers. Since the Citadel does not accept women and children, he plans to send Gilly and her baby Sam to live with his family at Horn Hill. While he does not get on with his father Randyll, he gets on with Talla and their mother Melessa.

Talla eagerly greets Sam as he arrives with Gilly and her baby, complaining about her arranged marriage to the old, yellow-toothed Simon Fossoway. Talla takes Gilly under her wing and starts musing on what color she would look best in. She also offers to put Gilly up in one of her bedrooms.

At dinner, Talla makes small talk with Gilly, and is impressed that Gilly can hunt for herself, as Randyll never saw the need for her to learn. She later sits uncomfortably as Randyll insults Sam repeatedly. When Randyll realizes that Gilly is a wildling, Melessa listens to his rant before giving him a piece of her mind, then storming out with Gilly and Talla in tow.


Game of ThronesTalla Tarly

Talla Tarly

➲ Talla Tarly

Younger sister of Samwell Tarly, she lives with her parents at Horn Hill.

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➲ Origin

  • Horn Hill

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  • House Tarly

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