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Vardis Egen (Brendan McCormack)

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"My Lady, I would gladly fight the Imp's champion for you" ― Vardis Egen

Ser Vardis Egen is the captain of the guards at the Eyrie. In the trial by combat, he is the champion for Lysa Arryn and is killed by Bronn, who fights for Tyrion.

Vardis Egen was captain of Jon Arryn's personal guard in King's Landing and then became captain of the guards in the Eyrie for Robin Arryn and his mother, Lysa Arryn. He is a knight of some reputation, but is no longer a young man.

➲ Season 1

Vardis leads the group of knights who meet Catelyn Stark and her prisoner Tyrion Lannister before she enters the Eyrie. Lysa orders Tyrion imprisoned in the sky cells. After having spend quite some time in a sky cell, Tyrion finally claims that he wants to confess his crimes and then demands a trial by combat. Though many men, including Lord Eon Hunter and a Knight of House Lynderly, offer to fight as Lysa's champion, she asks Ser Vardis to represent House Arryn. At first he says that fighting Tyrion would be unfair, but Vardis accepts when Tyrion asks that he be represented by a champion. The sellsword Bronn offers to be Tyrion's champion. Vardis fights dressed in full metal armor and carrying a large and heavy wooden shield. His speed and dexterity were easily outmatched by Bronn, who wore only a leather armored shirt. During the course of the fight, Bronn throws things into Ser Vardis' path and even trips him, while quickly dodging and weaving to avoid Vardis' attacks. Ultimately Bronn tires out the more heavily armored knight, severely injuring him with a quick slash and disarming him.

Bronn waits for Lysa Arryn to call for mercy, but she does not respond, so he stabs Vardis in the neck and pushes him through the "Moon Door" in the center of the throne room, sending him down a thousand-foot drop. Lysa snaps angrily to Bronn that he didn't fight with honor. The sellsword agrees, before pointing to the Moon Door and noting that Ser Vardis did.


Game of ThronesVardis Egen

Vardis Egen

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Captain of the Guard for House Arryn, Ser Vadis fought on Lysa Arryn's behalf when Tyrion Lannister, accused of trying to murder Bran Stark, demanded a trial by combat. He was easily bested by Bronn, Tyrion's hired champion, who tossed him through the Moon Door.

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