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"Volantis is the oldest, the first colony of Valyria. After the Doom, the Volantenes tried to rebuild the empire under their rule. They failed. Not least because the last Valyrian with dragons, Aegon Targaryen, entered the war against them. Now they are content to dominate only their lower classes, or so they say." ― Jorah Mormont

Volantis is one of the Free Cities located east of Westeros. It is the southern-most and oldest of the Free Cities, located on the southern coast of Essos along the Summer Sea, at the mouth of the Rhoyne River. It was founded as a colony of Valyria many centuries ago. It is a great port.

People from Volantis are known as Volantene. They are ruled by the Triarchs. Only those who can trace their lineage back to the times of Valyria may become candidates to the post of Triarch. The city welcomes a mixture of religions but holds a large temple devoted to the worship of the Lord of Light.

The harbor metropolis lies on both sides of one of the many mouths of the Rhoyne. The river is spanned by a great structure known as the Long Bridge.

Volantis is ruled by a noble class, but also possesses large number of slaves. The slave-masters in Volantis have a very organized system for their slaves, giving them small tattoos on the left cheek of their faces that symbolize what tasks they are assigned to and so they can be easily identified as slaves: flies for dung shovelers, hammers for builders, tears for whores, etc. A fish tattoo indicates that the slave works on a fishing vessel. In Volantis, it is death for a slave to touch a noble.

The Volantene look down on Westerosi, regarding them as unrefined, "grim, stinking barbarians".

➲ Notable Residents

Talisa Stark, a noblewoman of the Maegyr family who relocated to Westeros where she undertook medical practice and eventually married the King in the North, Robb Stark. Killed in the Red Wedding by Lothar Frey.

Kinvara, the High Priestess of the city's Red Temple


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Volantis Free City

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The long Bridge, a multi-story marketplace spanning the Rhoyne, dominates the landscape of this harbor metropolis, the oldest of the Free Cities. A great temple dedicated to the Lord of the Light is another of its famed landmarks.


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  • The Triarchs

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  • The Lord of Light

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  • The Long Bridge