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Waymar Royce (Rob Ostlere)

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"If you want to run away south, run away. Of course, they will behead you as a deserter... if I don't catch you first." ―Waymar

He was sworn brother of the Night's Watch who was killed by White Walkers.

Ser Waymar Royce was a knight and the youngest son of House Royce, a noble family of the Vale of Arryn. He joined the Night's Watch and was placed amongst the Rangers due to his noble birth and skill at arms.

➲ Season 1

Ser Waymar commands a ranging beyond the Wall, accompanied by Gared and Will, to investigate sightings of wildlings close by. Instead, they find Wights and a White Walker. Royce, along with Gared, was brutally killed. Will flees and is eventually executed by Ned Stark for desertion.

➲ Season 4

Sansa Stark mentions to Lord Yohn Royce that she had previously met him at Winterfell when Yohn was escorting his son Waymar to the Wall to join the Night's Watch.


Game of ThronesWaymar Royce

Waymar Royce

➲ Waymar Royce

A ranger in the Night's Watch, Waymar was killedby White Walkers. Prior to joining the Watch, he was a younger son of House Royce of the Vale and stopped in at Winterfell on his way to Castle Black.

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